Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Some Crass But Necessary Self-Promotional Reminders

First up, Turok #3 is out today. TAKE A TRIP TO THE STORMLANDS, Y’ALL. Meet some new friends. Ride some dinosaurs. I’m new to the comics thing, relatively, but this has been a blast to write. And Alvaro’s art continues to kick me in the teeth in the best way possible.

Second, the big-ass mega-ultra holy-shit whamma-jamma book bundle is still 50% off until November 1st — all to help you get ramped up for Nanowrimo. It’s 8 writing books and two novels, and using code NANOCTOBER gets you it for ten bucks instead of twenty.

Third, if you have read and enjoyed Damn Fine Story, please leave a review somewhere. If you didn’t like it, please paint your negative review onto the side of a goat, then feed the goat to a crocodile. If you liked the book, please tell a friend! If you did not like it, please tell an enemy that you did like it, in the hopes that your deception will cause them to read the book and be disappointed — victory for you. If you still need to check out the book: print, e-book.

Fourth, why is Zer0es $3.99? I dunno! But go grab it.

And that’s it. Naughty, naughty self-promotion is done.

*showers off the scum and villainy and capitalism*