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Macro Monday Met Space Dad

NYCC was, of course, a blast.

There, with a mighty plethora of authors, we launched the 40th anniversary Star Wars anthology, From A Certain Point of View, which dips in and out of the narrative of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope to highlight the goings-on of some of the stranger characters in the book — I wrote Wuher, the bartender, who has a particular thing against droids. The book contains so many awesome authorpeople, it’s nuttier than Mynock Salad. Daniel Jose Older? Mur Lafferty? Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction? Mallory Ortberg? Adam Christopher? Delilah Dawson? Claudia Gray? Zoraida Cordova? Wil Wheaton? Gary Whitta? I could go on, but I’d just keep filling this page with amazing names. It’s a great book, done for charity, check it out. And if you ever see editor Elizabeth Schaefer, high-five her, for her powers of mighty.

Del Rey deserves a special shout-out for not only putting that book together, but putting the panel together to support the book — and in general for being great to their writers. Their booth is always an island in the sea of sweat and chaos that is New York Comic-con.

As always, I failed to see cool people because it’s a busy, busy con — but I did meet a lot of fans and readers, which is forever a treat.

Let’s see, anything else happen?






*gestures enthusiastically toward the lead image, which is totally not a macro image, but shut up, you shut it right now*

Yeah, that’s right, we met Mark Hamill. Me, Adam, Delilah and Elizabeth used our collective star power to get into Mark Hamill’s special Celebrity Star Chamber, and we got to hang out with him for most of the day and get spa treatments and he did his Fire Lord Ozai impression and then he adopted us as his Space Children and —

OKAY FINE SHUT UP that didn’t happen. We paid our money like proper damn fans and we got to bask in the glory of Luke Skywalker for like, three to five seconds. (It seriously is that fast. They shuffle you in, you gather ’round, and then it’s off to the races, click, click, snap, nice work, see you later.) He’s a consummate professional, efficiently chummy, and looks great after all these years.

So, yay.

What else?

Reminder that next week I’m gone again, this time to the Leftmost Coast, visiting San Francisco, Portland and Seattle with authors Kevin Hearne and Fran Wilde. You can nab the details here for our events.

Damn Fine Story is out next week, but some people have gotten theirs early.

Invasive is still $3.99. (Oh, and for some publishing inside baseball, that book totally earned out. Earning out is a very exciting thing for an author, because it means the book was irrefutably successful. So, whew. Thanks all for checking it out.)

The Cormorant is $2.99 if you haven’t checked out the third adventure of Miriam Black, surly psychic woman, aka, “a garage full of cats on fire.”

My 10-book writing-and-novel-mega-ultra-bigass-bundle is just $10 off with coupon code NANOCTOBER. That coupon is good for this month, so check it.

If you haven’t heard me on Authors on the Air radio, hosted by Terri Lynn Coop, well, give your fancy ears a listen, won’t you?

Finally, I was part of and led a wonderful writing workshop of writers on Pelee Island in Canada, which meant I got to fly on a little Indiana Jones plane to an island on Lake Erie, and it was a good way to recharge the ol’ creative batteries. Thanks to Dawn Kresan for having me and Margaret Atwood for nudging me do it.

And that’s all, folks.