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Solomon Grundy Born On A Macro Monday

SO, content has been a little thin at this here terribleminds-dot-com, and that’s for a handful of reasons. But first, hey look, new photos! One above and several below, mostly macro — but one is also a photo of BABBY GOATS, because if I can win your hearts with anything, I can win them with a photo of some BABBY GOATS, goddamnit.

Anyway, to continue.

Handful of reasons bloggerel has been a bit light —

First, I’ve had some mild problems with my site — it’s been sluggish and yo-yo’ing up and down. The host is looking into it, and though it’s gotten more stable, I’m not sure the digital turbulence is entirely over. (That said, I did fix the problem where email subscribers were no longer getting posts emailed from this blog but rather from “” Thanks to all who offered fixes — the fix was ultimately easy, if irritating: I had to update not only WP, but Jetpack, and then initialize Jetpack, and also update all my other plugins for Reasons Unknown.)

Second, I’m currently writing A Really Big Book, like, the kind of book that is both big in plot and idea and SHEER BLOODYMINDEDNESS, so it’s been spending an excess of my Intellectual Energy Points (IEP). Every day the book takes a lot out of me. (In the best way possible, though. I’m really excited about it.)

Third, honestly, it’s a little hard to conjure blog content in this AGE OF DUMBFUCKERY — and I think people aren’t reading as much blog content, either, because they’re devoting a great many of their LFCRP (LongForm Content Reading Points) on articles and posts about this current AGE OF DUMBFUCKERY. So, it gets harder to pierce that veil both creatively and effectively with some little post about, “hey hi here’s how to successfully create narrative tension with artful comma placements OH GOD WHAT DID OUR PRESIDENT DO NOW AND OH SHIT ANTARCTICA IS ON ACTUAL FIRE I JUST SAW A POLAR BEAR COMMIT SUICIDE.”

Still, though, I need to get back into it a little bit, and assuming stability on the site’s part, that’s what I’mma do. Starting this week I’m going to post some shorter form writing stuff, maybe a recipe or three, and always a chance for some manner of frothing rantiness. Look for more STUNNING WENDIG-FLAVORED CONTENT in the coming days.

Sidenote: I hate the word “content.” It ranks up there with “IP” as the most milquetoast way of describing the junction point between art, entertainment, and information.

Then again, I also hate the word “blog,” which is the sound my dog makes before she throws up.

Anyway. Buy my books.

Have some pictures. Either here, or on my Flickr page.

(Warning: last photo on the page contains a spider. A really cool spider! A spider I’d never seen before! A glorious cyclosa orb-weaver trash-spider! But it’s a spider, so if that freaks your shit out, don’t scroll down.)