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Macro Monday Brings Fox Floof, Schedule Updates, And Vet Bills

No, that’s not a macro photo.

But it’s a fox, and to hell with you if you cannot appreciate a fox.

I have a fox that lives behind my writerly BattleShed, and the fox comes out almost daily, now. She (?) crosses the lawn, goes up the driveway, and disappears into the woods for anywhere from ten minutes to an hour or more. Then she trots back, and returns to the den. One suspects there might be kits now or soon? I hope so, because I kinda relish the idea of having a bunch of TINY FLOOFY FOX BABIES playing just behind the shed, but hey, who knows.

Here’s a couple more shots:

Huzzah, fox.

Lessee. What else?

My Sked

Here’s an updated 2017 schedule:

March 31st – April 2nd, Wondercon in Anaheim, CA [full schedule here!]

April 13th – 16h, Star Wars Celebration, Orlando, FL

April 22nd-23rd, Los Angeles Festival of Books, USC campus [schedule here]

April 27th – 30th, StokerCon, Long Beach, CA

May 5th – 6th, Northern Colorado Writers Conference, Fort Collins, CO

June 3rd – 4th, Bay Area Book Fest, Berkeley, CA

July 14th, Philadelphia Free Library event with Kevin Hearne and Fran Wilde

Aug 18th – 20th, Writers Digest Conference, NYC

Oct 2nd – 8th, Pelee Island Writer’s Retreat, Pelee Island, Canada

So, added to the list is WDC, and Pelee Island, plus my Wondercon schedule and LA Times Book Fest schedule are both now in play. (Note that the LA book fest schedule may have additional signings added to it. Watch this space.) I should have SW Celebration and StokerCon schedules soon, I expect. Also hopefully when I go to Canada they’ll let me back in the US ha ha *sob*

Hope to see you somewhere, at some point.

Magical Bladder Crystals

Our poor pooch, Loa, had to go into the emergency vet this weekend. She’d had a bladder infection for a while that wasn’t clearing up (or, at least, continued to be re-enflamed), but she’d been acting fine the whole time — running, eating, playing, sleeping. Friday night, that changed. She was acting goofy, straining to pee again and again, throwing up, not eating. We took her to the vet and turns out, a crystal had fully blocked her urethra and her bladder was filling up. Good we caught it early, because that sort of thing left untreated for a couple-few days can lead to permanent kidney damage or even death. Good news is, it’s taken care of. Bad news is, she had to have emergency surgery, whiiiiiiich isn’t as cheap as you’d like it to be. (Ahem, $2k.) Worth it, of course, given that we have our PRECIOUS GOOBER back and in good health, but still: $$$.

As such, I’m tossing it out there that hey, now is a good time to buy my books if you were thinking of diving in but have not yet done so. I don’t do tip jars or anything — so far, my career sustains me in the purest way, which is you buy the books and I don’t die (and by proxy, my pets and child also remain fed and without, yanno, bladder crystals). We can continue that relationship, I hope — if you dig the bloggery here, check out my books, please and thank you.

Further, I’ve taken my GONZO BOOK BUNDLE and upgraded it to the MEGA ULTRA BOOK BUNDLE by adding in two novels: Blue Blazes and The Hellsblood Bride. Still only $20.

You can see that bundle here.

Please to enjoy.

The Macro Mysteries

The answer to last week’s Macro Mysteries are, in order:

1: bubbles of coffee brewing in a Chemex

2: a droplet of water on a kale leaf

3: bell pepper seeds in a red bell pepper


I have begun accumulating a dozen or so additional mystery macros, and one day soon I’m going to run a contest, because it’s fun. So, keep your grapes peeled for that.


*becomes five foxes who conspire to steal your breakfast*