Macro Monday Brings More Macro Mysteries

Once again I am accepting your guesses — what, pray tell, are depicted in the three macro photos above? Pop in your guesses, and the winner gets a prize — THE PRIZE OF BEING AWESOME. It is an intangible prize but one that you may transform into a ribbon or t-shirt or an unending vibe of good-naturedness that will buoy you through life. Your call.

(Number 2 in the photos above is obviously a waterdrop. The guess is actually on what does the waterdrop sit? Hint: I took that photo indoors, not outside.)

Drop guesses in the comments below.

Let’s see, what else is going on?

Well, in February it was 76 degrees. Last week it was in the 60s. It’s now March, and 12 degrees, and tomorrow we’re getting up to two feet of snow so that’s fine, everything’s fine, nothing to see here. (Truthfully, a big cuckoo blizzard in March isn’t unusual around these parts — but the near-80 degrees in February is a wee bit odd. But ha ha thankfully climate change is just a Chinese hoax so don’t worry.)

Hmm anything else, anything else —

OH I KNOW, Empire’s End hit the NYT list again — dropping in at #11. *wiggles*

Also, I dropped some wisdom at Boing Boing on the subject of seven things you probably didn’t know about vultures. I mean, some of you probably knew this stuff, because you’re smart, educated people who are also clearly vulture aficionados like me.

I was on a couple radio shows last week talking BOOK STUFF, so — soon as I have links, I’ll share.

And finally, I’m at Hypable, interviewed about Thunderbird.

If you’ve read any of my books — especially Thunderbird — I’d love a review posted somewhere of your choosing. Amazon, Goodreads, carved into a popular picnic table at your local park.

Thanks all, and have a great week. P.S., If you’re going to be buried in snow, at least die with the comfort that the snow will preserve your body so the robots who govern the future will marvel over it at a museum.