Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Photo Exercise

Click me.

That will get you a set of random photos on Flickr (based on their “interestingness” algorithm).

Pick a photo from that spread.

Use that photo as the inspiration for a new piece of flash fiction. When you post the story at your online space, please also link to that photo on Flickr (not to the random generator) and give credit to the poster/taker of said photo.

That’s it. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy.

Length: ~1000 words.

Due by: Friday, March 3rd, noon EST

Post at your online space. Give us a link in the comments.

74 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Photo Exercise”

  1. Great idea, but if you want to get an image you can post on your blog, go to search, enter “interestingness,” then on the left, after a gaggle of pictures show, drop down and click on “commercial use and mods allowed” and up pop a bunch of photos with that lovely Creative Commons license. Yummy.

    • I’m afraid I’m finding the opening very confusing to follow. At one moment it seems to be told from Felix’s perspective, then the next, I’m not sure if it’s from Gabriel’s. A little clarification would help me read further.

      • Thank you for the feedback! It’s supposed to be written from Gabriel’s perspective, I’ll make sure to pay more attention to this next time.

  2. This challenge was a first for me. I work in the marketing and web content world, and I’ve been dabbling. This was a TON of fun for me though, and I love what the rest of you have written. Quality stuff!

  3. I chose this picture of a setting sun (https://www.flickr.com/photos/142317063@N02/32902763181/) entitled “Incoming” and tied it with a story that was on my mind about the very recent death of a 35-year-old farm worker who’d come from Guatemala to work on a dairy farm North from here (Quebec). The roof caved in under the weight of the snow and he was burried without a chance of survival. None of the details in my story are based on reality except for the way he died as reported in the media. I found it sad and absurd that a man fromt he South would come to enjoy a better income here only to die burried under debris and snow. So I wrote this story, which you’ll find under the intro in French.


  4. Lighting Up the Dawn
    Rating: R (Safe for work)
    Word Count: 1,160
    Notes/Warnings: Implied prostitution, implied character death.
    Summary: It’s morning, and Deva had said he’d be back before sunrise. He’d said it just before getting into the stranger’s fancy car. He’d promised. So, Sahil will wait patiently and calmly for Deva’s return, his hope, faith, and love lighting up the dawn. . . .


    • Funny; I saw that picture on Flickr, too. I thought it was pretty, but couldn’ think of a story to go with it. Yours was great, so full of potential and implications. Very excellent! 🙂

  5. Hey there! I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a while, and I finally got around to finishing something. Had to cut this one down a lot; but pretty happy with it. Don’t know whether you’d call it dystopian or sci fi, but it’s a story about mole people. Let me know what you think!

    The Red-Lighters:

    Photo link:

  6. These picture prompts are GREAT! Second story I’ve written for a random picture in Interestingness in less than a day. I wish I’d gotten started sooner!

    A Great Game
    Summary: Soccer/Football team captain and forward Denny Kowalczyk’s just lost another game to his team’s chief rivals. In a funk, Denny is moping in the locker room when the midfielder of the opposing team, the charming and attractive Kurt Renholder, offers some words of wisdom.

  7. Wow, words cannot express how much I love this! I really really like it and was amazed how it finished. This piece is timeless! Because of that, here are some credits for the best you’ll ever see!

  8. Drop dead gorgeous, man! This is what we really need right now. I commend you a lot for doing this! Here’s some love and peace from the best.

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