The Duck Is A Dog And Other Alternative Facts

Sometimes I get on Twitter and I have a little fun.

Because if I can’t laugh, I’ll chew through this belt I keep biting.

Please to enjoy.


20 responses to “The Duck Is A Dog And Other Alternative Facts”

  1. Wow, I have to say when I heard the term “alternative facts” in the radio this morning I was just O_O. But you bring fun and levity to this bleak and cruel alternative reality. Thank you!

  2. I was seeing nothing. I thought that the DT Secret Gestapo had removed the message. I went to comments and found the story. It seemed more true to life than what is going on in Washington.
    4 is 6, 4 is 6, 4 is 6 Aaargh!


    Haha this is great. And I also partly wonder how far off we are from this becoming true.

  4. The Twitter stream *did* show up for me. Surprising that someone else has an older or less graphics-friendly computer than I have!

    I read the dog/duck story as very close to that “we need global government to stop global warming, if the U.N. respects national sovereignty everything lower than Mount Mitchell will be underwater” narrative that’s been circulating for the past eight years.

      • I must admit i find it remarkable that Trump sticks to the notion that global warming isn’t happening but that’s his view and hes entitled to it. What makes me smile is clearly the earth is not just hollow and full of fossil fuels they will run out. Why can’t he see that if we don’t start now to work out how to replace them by the time they do run out we will be in a far better place than if we hadn’t If he wants to leave a legacy to the World and America this is it.

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