Flash Fiction Challenge: A Scary Story, Part One

So, here how this is going to work.

You are going to write the first part of a SCARY STORY.

You will write 1000 words.

You will not finish this story.

Consider it the first act of a three-act tale.

You will post this at your blog. You will expect quite fully that next week, someone else will pick up your tale and add another 1000 words to it. This is an experiment in collaborative storytelling, of passing the story from one another to the next and to the next, until we have a completed spoooooooky story.

Due by: THE DREADED FRIDAY THE 14th, noon EST.

Word limit: ~1000 words.

Post at your online space.

(Do not finish the story!)

Give us a link.

Go be scary.

58 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: A Scary Story, Part One”

  1. “We congratulate you on winning a second term President Trump.”

    (Didn’t even need those other 990 words. OooooOOOooo….)

  2. I don’t normally do scary. It’s not that it’s outside my comfort zone; it’s that I don’t hink I’m any good at it. Therefore, I wasn’t happy with this challenge. Moreover, I couldn’t shake a previous story that was indeed scary and that I had written several weeks ago for a different challenge. That story was The Gun of Crow.

    And then the idea struck me. There was a little something I couldn’t accomodate in that story, a small girl who survives: so I thought I’d tell the same story from her point of view, and so I’d be able to add what was missing.

    This is the result: “Meeting Crow”. In the end, more like 1200 words of Weird West.


    Now I am indeed quite happy.

    (The previous story, The Gun of Crow, is here if you’re interested: https://medium.com/@VicenteLRuiz/the-gun-of-crow-d3971d065e55#.k6un1im88).

  3. Here’s mine (at ~1100 words): http://wp.me/p29Hv8-Ij . I had quite a bit of fun with this one, so I’m using that as my justification for going over the word count. It should still be a quick read, though, once it’s up tomorrow.

    Looking forward to reading all the others!

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