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Macro Monday Is Sun-Kissed And Rain-Tickled Teeheehee

Took that one at the end of last week, and I kinda love it.

And, same subject, different angle:

So, yeah. There you go.

Me and B-Dub went around on Saturday, just looking for cool stuff to look at, stuff that might be worthy of a photo or three — and for those of you with kids little or big, we’ve found that giving him a camera was a really great investment. And I didn’t buy him one of those kiddie cameras, because really, those are very expensive and are… honestly, just cameras. So, last year for the B-Dub B-Day, we got him a Nikon Coolpix camera — waterproof and a little rugged, so he can drop it and get it wet and it’s no big deal. And he loves it. He took to it quickly and knows more about it than I do. I’ll post some of his photos eventually, but they’re a lot of fun. I mean, some are horrible and are just pictures of dog butts. But, y’know. Art.

He and I were looking for bugs and flowers and turtles. We found the first two. Not so much the third. Those photos will make their way here eventually. But it was fun, a good bonding thing, a good excuse to go out and just examine the world big and small. Sometimes people accuse photographers of looking more at the camera than at the real world, as if it creates a separation, but I don’t buy that. I think the camera is a way to interpret and capture the world — both as it is and as the camera can contain it. And if there is any separation, it’s the separation that must exist between REALITY and the artist, who is a TRANSLATOR OF REALITY. There always exists a middleman, and mastery of that interstitial process has value, I think. I’ll shut up now.


In case you missed it, I’ll be in SUNNY CROTCH-HOT FLORIDA in June — I’ll be doing the closing keynote at the Orlando Book Festival. Details here if you want ’em.

Oh, also, this:

Cool, huh? That’s the Japanese version of Zer0es alongside some promo material for the mass-market paperback version of the book which lands May 31st, if you wanna pre-order.

And finally, I got a copy of the Chinese translation of Blackbirds:


So, that’s it.

I’m out.

*leaps into Monday’s slavering maw*

*hopes to emerge from Friday’s puckered sphincter in five days*