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Macro Monday Rides Into Battle On The Back Of Skeledeer

My father always said it was a good idea to have your neighbors think you’re a little cuckoopants. Like, not full-bore batshit, because then they’ll KEEP AN EYE ON YOU, but just crazy enough that they know not to like, throw trash on your yard or encroach on your land like land parasites. I dunno if this counts, but by our driveway near our house there sits a stump, and on this stump sits a deer skull I found in the woods because, I dunno, skulls are fucking cool that’s why.

Anyway, so, I thought I’d snap some more pics of GLORIOUS SKELEDEER ALL HAIL THE LORD OF THE DEAD WOOD, some of which are macros. I like photographing bones and death and dead things, and as a point of trivia, I once crawled underneath and damn near into a decomposing deer to capture a shot. No, really, here is that shot. And here’s another one, a bit closer.

Anyway, please to enjoy: