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Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Titles You Made Up…

From last week’s selection, I’ve got ten titles for you. Pick one and go. (Note that the parentheticals are who came up with the title.)

The rules are standard:

Length: ~1000 words

Due by: 5/6, noon EST

Post at your online space, drop a link in the comments, and boom.

Still Turnstiles at Station 6 (Lori Schechter)

The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis (Christopher)

Murder and Wine and the Oblong Door (Migo)

The Blood Lottery (Marion)

A Pretentious Title For a Pretentious Story (thisdamkid)

The Blind Tattooist (Russell)

Jeremy Pocket and the See-Through Wall (Naomi)

Malwhere (cjaybee)

I’m In Love With A Zombie But He Doesn’t Even Know I’m Alive

They Sat Outside Eating Cake (Tom Byrne)