Flash Fiction Challenge: We Need Only A Title

Your task this week is woefully simple. Go to the comments, and deposit into these comments a title for a short story — not the story itself, and nothing in fact beyond the title.

Then, next week, I’ll pick a handful of the best, and we’ll use those as springboards for the next round of stories. Dig it? Good.


Comments section.

A title.


Due by next Friday, April 29th, noon EST.

[EDIT: Only ONE title per person, please.]

335 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: We Need Only A Title”

      • Not to get too erotic but this wooing – would it by chance involve any combination of maple syrup, honey, icing sugar or whipped cream?

        Verb-wise are we talking drizzle, lick, dribble, spray, lather, drip and possibly smother?

        And is the setting for Ben’s seduction more likely to be a beach, medieval castle, back alley of a nightclub named TECHNOIR, (alright, that’s from THE TERMINATOR) the lower deck of a cruise ship or 30 000 feet in the air?

        Don’t tell me you haven’t got this far in your outlining yet?

      • Now now. KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK (1978) may not have had the directorial finesse of a Michael Mann masterwork, but it did get a cinema release at the time over here in Australia and it holds fond( though admittedly quaint) memories for many people of a certain generation. Plus it was way better then the Gene Simmons vehicle RUNAWAY! (1984)

        • Aww, I quite liked runaway. Gene Simmons reverted to type. Just a shame he took his eye off the ball and neglected what he does best – stride the wastelands as a blood-spitting, fire-breathing demon Lord of thunder.

        • To be fair, I haven’t watched KMTPOTP all the way through. I’ve read about it through Paul, Gene and Ace’s biographies and none of them speak highly of the experience, but maybe I ought to judge for myself (goes looking frantically on e-bay for a vintage copy of the flick and … wtf, you can get a Kiss coffin? I wonder if I offered to pay $2 million, whether Gene would allow himself to be buried with me? Now there’s a premise for a short story.)

          • In Australia the movie actually went by the title KISS & THE ATTACK OF THE PHANTOMS
            (released 1979).
            It was included in Volume 2 of the KISSOLOGY DVD set. I’m aware it’s got a reputation as a less than quality production and also that the band members don’t speak highly of it but to be honest, I enjoyed it both as a Kiss zealot and a movie buff.


          • I’ve been calling myself a Kiss canonist for all these years and I’ve never heard of this guy?
            Huge, huge thanks.
            Viewing now.

        • Of that you can be confident. Kiss fans are legion and believe me, there would be hundreds if not thousands who understood the reference.

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