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Macro Monday Is Otherworldly

What I like about macro photography is the ability not only to get close and see the microscopic rendered macroscopic, but also the ability to get so close that what you’re looking at becomes obscured, obfuscated by proximity, and what you get is instead something otherworldly. That is transformative and fascinating to me. And so, I thought, I’ll toss off a few shots at macros that look like they don’t belong on this planet.

BUT FIRST, some quickie-poo updates.

Today is the last day I’m running a sale on some of my e-books. The Gonzo Bundle, featuring eight of my writing books, remains $10 till the end of today. And both Blue Blazes and Hellsblood Bride are both $2.99.

Also, if you haven’t picked up Hyperion #2, well, dangit, it’s out. It features disgusting worms! And an adorable dog! And sinister body horror! And fun banter! And also the page of which I am the most proudest as a writer in comics yet, and really that’s only because Nik Virella did it so awesomely. Nik has done such an epic job on that book. Much love.

I feel like I haven’t mentioned here that Star Wars: Life Debt — the second book in the Aftermath trilogy — has gotten the special excerpt treatment at Entertainment Weekly. For bonus fun, read the comments! (Spoiler warning: don’t read the comments. It’s like looking into the sewer. Nearly all internet comments sections are perfectly represented in this single image.) Anyway! The excerpt has a SPECIAL GUEST, so go clicky clicky.

What else? I’m doing a Star Warsy-themed event in Cherry Hill, NJ on MAY THE 4th (get it?), and it’s a ticketed event, so peep it now while SEXY TIMES WITH ME ARE STILL AVAILABLE wait no not that kind of sexytimes ha ha ha what. But there are VIP tickets, so, you know, wink wink. You get to spend SPECIAL TIME with YOURS TRULY for MAGIC SEXYT… uhh, I mean, a “private catered reception.” Elbow elbow. Saucy pout.

And I think that’s all she wrote.

Time to take a trip to another world.

It’s macro time.