Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Flash Fiction Challenge: Twenty Random Titles

I’ve randomized 20 titles using this generator.

You will pick one (or random roll with a d20 or number generator).

It will be your title. You will use this title to write a ~1000 word flash fiction story, and you will then post that story at your online space and drop a link to it in the comments below.



  1. The Time and the Nail
  2. Boys and Bones
  3. Blondie’s Southern Rabbit
  4. The Touch Will Come Second
  5. Music-Box Earth
  6. The Gun of Crow
  7. The Forty-March Punch
  8. The Hung Legion
  9. Comb’s Dear Nightmare
  10. The Present Will Be Infernal
  11. Islandborn
  12. Guardless
  13. The Mesa Room
  14. Two Skulls
  15. The Revolt of Dorothy
  16. From the Unseen Departed
  17. The Metainsect
  18. The Heist of Song
  19. The Body Will Not Be Dimensional
  20. The Gray Nothing’s Scar