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Zer0es — Now On Audio!

Rogue hackers versus a self-aware NSA surveillance program!

For fans of: Mr. Robot, Leverage, Sneakers

Folks have been asking where the audio version is — took a while to zero in on a narrator and to ramp up production, so we missed getting it day-and-date with the print version and instead focused on getting out the right version. But here it is! Narrated by Ray Chase.


BoingBoing says: “Chuck Wendig’s new technothriller Zeroes is a hacker misfit tale in the lineage of War Games and Sneakers, true to the spirit (and often, the minutae) of security work, and exciting as hell to boot.”

NPR says: “Wendig is an ace at pacing, and he hurtles the reader through hacking sequences and action scenes with equal bang. It’s not an easy task to make a sitting-and-typing session feel nail-bitingly tense, but Zer0es‘ high-octane blend of nervy characters, dark humor and bristling dialogue carry the day.”

Nerdist says: “Wendig writes a story that plays hide and seek with a coming apocalypse, a dangerous technology, a growing cult, and international politics. At its center are people who can hack – hack computers, communities, people, and more – and the government agencies that are trying to maintain their grip on reality, virtual and not. If you’re in the mood to be scared silly by the possibilities we create when we mesh our lives with technology, definitely give this a read.”

You can nab it from:

Amazon Audible | iTunes | HarperCollins

If you want hardcover or e-book:

Indiebound | Amazon | B&N | iTunes

(Also, the mass market paperback version comes out in May.)

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Also there is a new Tim Powers novel out why the fuck didn’t you people tell me.

And finally, Scott Frank, one of my mentors at the Sundance Screenwriting Lab, is a man responsible for a world of amazing films — Out of Sight, A Walk Among the Tombstones, The Lookout among them. And now he wrote a book called SHAKER, which I will definitely be picking up because I’m no dummy.