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Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Flickr Photo Challenge


*flash of lightning*

*crash of thunder*

*angry geese*

I don’t know why there are angry geese here, but they’re probably upset by all that lightning and thunder and maybe me yelling. Whatever, geese. You’re not the boss of me.

Regardless, it’s time for the fiction challenge to return proper, and this week’s challenge is simple enough: I want you to go ahead and click this link.

That link will take you to a page of nine images over at Flickr — nine images that are a sampling of the photos chosen by Flickr’s “interestingness” algorithm.

You will choose one of these photos and use it as inspiration for a 1000-word flash fiction story.

Post that story at your blog or other online space. Then come back here and drop a link to that story in the comments so we can all come and read it. Do not forget in your post or in your comment to indicate what photo (by link) you chose to provide you with inspiration for the story.

You have one week to complete this task or you will be assassinated.

*checks notes*

Sorry, you have one week to complete this task or nothing will happen except that you won’t have written this story or fulfilled this challenge in any way — my lawyers are very keen on me emphasizing the fact you will not be assassinated. Please and thank you.

The story is due by next Friday, noon EST on 1/15/16.

GO DO YOUR THING. And don’t mind the geese. Or the assassin.