Flash Fiction Challenge — #talesfromblackfriday

This may be my favorite holiday of the year.

No, not because of THE SWEET DEALS.

But rather, because of the fiction that grows out of it.

If you don’t know #talesfromblackfriday, well, it’s a bit of a tradition, now. I’m not even sure when I started it? I wanna say three years ago, but maybe it’s been longer. It’s certainly taken on its own life, since then, which is awesome.

Here’s what you do:

Go to Twitter. Don’t have The Twitters? Now’s a good time to get an account.

Then, tell a horror-ish story about Black Friday using the hashtag, #talesfromblackfriday.

Here’s an example, and here, and here — or, just go peruse the hashtag.

The tales you tell can be short (a single tweet) or long. They can be Night Vale-ish, or more cosmic horror-y, or Twilight Zoney — or, really, whatever you want to do with it.

Go. Descend into the retail labyrinth. Shuffle past the snapping doors.



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  1. […] So a good place for me to begin in trying to do likewise, and return Blue Ink Alchemy to a regular schedule, seems to be writing up some Flash Fiction. I turned my browser to Terribleminds, and instead of a full-length post, 500-100 words, this week the challenge is to write a tweet. Hence this verbose forward to what follows! At 131 characters, here’s how I contributed to the Tales from Black Friday. […]

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