Today’s Flash Fiction Writing Challenge Is Not About Fiction

You read that right.

Today, I’m not asking for 1000 words of fiction.

I’m asking for a 1000 word essay (meaning, blog post).

And I want it on this subject:


That’s it. I wanna know why you write. What it is that makes you want to tell stories and write them down. What drives you? Something biographical? Something internal? Dig deep. Be thoughtful. Write it out like the bad-ass that you know you are.

The standard rules apply, otherwise:

Write it at your online space. Drop a link to it here in the comments.

Due in one week: 7/31.

Your time is now: tell us why you write.

229 responses to “Today’s Flash Fiction Writing Challenge Is Not About Fiction”

  1. *sees the deadline looming and knows Chuck probably has a bunch of last minute entries to moderate but won’t be back at the computer for a while so pushes the paper -gently- in font of him again, just in case it fell off his desk while profusely apologizing if this ends up being a duplicate and not lost in the land of missing socks*

    If this entry was beer, it probably would be aging for a while, certainly past the rapidly approaching deadline. That said, drink up, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  2. I was on vacation and I missed out on this challenge. But, it’s, like, totally one of my all time favorite topics!!!!

    And, as such, I already have a blog post titled “Why I Write”. So, though I’m late to the party and it’s not really in keeping with the rules, I hope you don’t mind if I share.

    This place, where other writers are writing and writing about why they write, is the most comfy place to put it. Thanks!!

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