Revenge of the Awkward Author Photos: The Results!

Holy crapnoodles.

Nearly 500 votes later, I have tallied the results of the most recent Awkward Author Photo contest (the photos here!) — and hot damn, it was a nailbiter. For a long time it was a race between 11, 17, 38 and 61 — and then out of nowhere, little 72 started unearthed a secret vault featuring dozens of votes right at the end.

As such, that makes 72 our grand winner:

And it officially makes #61 our second place winner:

And third prize goes to #38:

I actually really love #38 and #71 — and of the ones that made me laugh the hardest, I’ll call special attention to #17, #28, and #59.

ANYWHO, so, you three winners — 72, 61, 38?

Email me! terribleminds at gmail dot com.

You got mugs and books and #72 has ONE FICTIONAL DEATH COMIN’ RIGHT UP.

And congratulations and thanks for playing, folks.