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A Flash Fiction Challenge To Create A Flash Fiction Challenge



What I mean is, hey, once in a while someone emails me with an idea — “Hey, I think this would make a neat flash fiction challenge!” — and sometimes, that actually pans out. A lot of times, I fall asleep on my keyboard and accidentally delete your email. Sorry!

So, I thought, let’s streamline this process a little.

This week, your challenge is to come up with a flash fiction challenge.

Go to the comments.

Drop in a 100-word-or-less idea for a flash fiction challenge. If I like one and end up using it in the future, I’ll toss you some kind of prize — an e-book or e-book bundle or something. (And here’s where I am shameless and remind you that with coupon code ARTHARDERMF — which is to say, Art Harder, Motherfucker, not ARTHAR DERMF — you can get 25% off my gonzo writing e-book bundle, thus dropping the total cost for eight books down to $15. That coupon expires 6/23.)

(Oh, also — don’t forget the Awkward Author Photo contest runs till Tuesday.)

So, drop in your ideas — one per person, please, if you have it — into the comments below.

You’ve got one week: due by Friday, 6/26, noon EST.

(One more shameless plug: I’ll be at Seton Hill this Saturday, 6/27, in Western PA giving a big-ass writing talk if you care to hear me “Tell It Like It Is.”)