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How To Win Your Death (And Other News Bits)

Hey, kids — I’m extending the REVENGE OF THE AWKWARD AUTHOR PHOTO contest (in which you can win your own death inside a the fifth Miriam Black book) by one week (6/23). I’ve been out of commission for the last almost-week, and haven’t really promo’ed this much. So, giving it one more week for folks to jump in. Put your own spin on an awkward, cliched, silly, weird, or otherwise uncomfortable Author Photo. And then win stuff! Click the link above for tasty deets.

Let’s see, what else?

– The Decatur Book Fest author list is up, and I’m officially on it — alongside authors like Delilah S. Dawson, Richard Kadrey, Daniel Jose Older, and Libba Bray. Also means I’ll be at DragonCon, bee-tee-dubs. Which is a con for dragons, isn’t it? MY BREATH WEAPON IS BEES.

– The first two Heartland books are on sale digitally in the lead-up to the third book. You can buy both Under the Empyrean Sky and Blightborn for $1.99. You can pre-order The Harvest, too, if you’re feeling sassy. The Harvest concludes the trilogy, for those folks not interested in buying a series until it’s all tied-up-tight. Also: for those wondering how I’ll do with Star Wars: Aftermath, well, I think these books are the closest analog presently on shelves.

– Speaking of The Harvest — hey, look, a Goodreads giveaway!

– I have other news I can’t share, so just assume that it’s cool.

– Cover images for THE SHIELD #3! Go see!

– Last thing last — I’m putting my Gonzo E-Book Writing Bundle on sale. It’s eight total e-books on writing, including my newest, 30 Days In The Word Mines. Normally, $20 — but with coupon code ARTHARDERMF, you can drop that price by 25% to $15. Link to the bundle here, if you wanna check it out. Please to enjoy.