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Wallpaper Contest: Time To Vote!

The wallpapers are in!

You can view them right here.

Now, I disqualified two out of the gate — I didn’t want to, because disqualifying things makes panda bears sad, and making panda bears sad makes me sad. But one of them had only a Ray Bradbury quote on it (and while I love Ray Bradbury, he is not the keeper of this site in ghostly form). The other one had a flowchart somewhat paraphrasingly terribleminds-related, but the material was original and my fear is that if the wallpaper ever went around, it would be attributed to me when really, it was someone else’s IP.

So, that’s that.

Now, your job is to go to the set of wallpapers and choose your favorite. The way you choose your favorite is easy — drop into the comments and identity by number which one you like the most. Do not vote for two. Just one. (And make it clear which one you’re voting for — sometimes people comment and go back and forth on which one they want, and that makes it difficult to see which one they actually like the most.)

You will notice that one of those wallpapers is one that has no number.

Because I have already chosen it as my winner, so it’s out of the pool.

That one is this reimagining of ARE YOU A REAL WRITER, my flowchart.

It’s by Rebekeh Turner, and it’s right here:


(View the original size version here.)

Rebekeh, you should totally contact me at terribleminds at gmail dot com.

And congrats! That rules.

Anyway, get to voting.

Use the comments.

Vote for one early.

You’ve got 24 hours (voting ends at 9AM tomorrow).


First up: the winner, quite handily, of the voting, was:

#5! By CAL!

And I’ve also chosen a random winner:

#4! The bediapered penmonkey by LISA H!

Both CAL and LISA H — bounce me an email at terribleminds at gmail.