Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick An Opening Sentence And Go

Last week, over 400 (!) of you wrote opening sentences for the challenge.

This week, your job is to pick one and write a story with that as your opening.

Let’s say you’ve got up to 2,000 words for this one. Write the story and post it at your online space. Link back here (with a shout-out to the author of the original sentence, please!) so we can read it. Story should be done by noon EST next Friday (the 24th).

Pick your sentence and get to writing.

103 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Pick An Opening Sentence And Go”

  1. I chose this one by thesexiestwriter. Thanks in advance for the inspiration.

    “Trey sat under a bush in the cold December drizzle, watching the street and rubbing the limp dog that lay twitching in his lap.”

    I’ll post a link when the story is done.

  2. I picked poorerdick’s line: “Little did Harold know that the sneeze he was about to experience would bring about the end of humanity and the world as he knew it.”
    Thanks for the great inspiration. 🙂

    I’ll post the link here, when I’m done.

      • Thanks! I try to make these things *really* “flash” fiction — just sit down and write and see where it takes me. The first-person stream-of-consciousness style works well for doing that, I find (though I probably overuse it)

  3. […] Chuck Wendig’s challenge this week was to pick an opening sentence that someone else wrote and write a flash fiction up to 2,000 words. Mine finished around 1,350. The first sentence I chose was written by Kalen Ivey. I hope I did it justice, although I have to admit that this was a rough one for me. As with many of Chuck’s challenges, I almost gave up on it. I hope it wasn’t too much of a mess and that you don’t scream at me too much. I have to say, for someone who hates cliffhangers as much as I do, I sure do end a lot of my stories with them. […]

    • thanks for taking up my line. loved the story and thought it was good fun. loved the protagonists name having both h.p. lovecrafts name and the wife of hades.

      thanks 😀

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