Flash Fiction Challenge: Time Again To Write An Opening Sentence

That classic challenge is back:

Do not write a story.

Nope. Mm-mm, don’t do it.


Write only an opening sentence.

Not two sentences. Not three. One. Good. Sentence.

Drop the opening sentence in the comments below, and then next week we will make use of some of those sentences for the next challenge. You’ve got one week — due by next Friday, the 17th, noon EST. Get cracking, word-herders.

510 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Time Again To Write An Opening Sentence”

  1. He’d found it after getting lost in the vast oceans of his imagination, the trail he’d walked was nowhere to be found but there on the ground it was.

  2. It wasn’t the fact that it was pitch black that worried me, but what the fuck was that smell?

  3. He flipped his still glowing cigarette out of the wrecked windshield, squinted out into the rain, not sure if he had just seen a large blurry hunter or a large blurry bear approaching his crash-landed mustang, the deciding that he needed to have a better look, if he was going to acknowledge anything existing outside of the car.

    • todonne how many times do we have we to tell you not to put the flesh in there? it goes off too quickly, put it in the fridge like a normal serial killer.

      love it.

  4. Magic starts out as an itch in your fingertips, a maddening itch, and it works its way up behind your eyes and into your brain, until you can’t see what everyone else is looking at—until you realize what they’re looking at—is you.

  5. While waiting, I wandered; dust illuminated by sunshine evoked normality and before-the-war and I escaped through the kitchen window to autumn leaves and laughter, until an imperious knocking echoed in the hall and dragged me back.

  6. If I had to choose between being killed by unicorns or werewolves, I would bathe in barbeque sauce and throw myself at werewolves.

  7. Facing potential death at the cotton fluff filled paws of a small army of stuffed animals was not how I imagined the end of my evening.

  8. “To gaze upon the Great Pyramid of Giza*, with its gargantuan proportions, its cruel and bloody history, and its indifferent permanence would have been life-altering for Jan and Barry, but they had taken a wrong turn somewhere, and their chance was irrevocably lost.”

    You can pick a natural wonder, a Wonder of the World, or make up one to insert in lieu of the pyramid and its description, if you wish.

  9. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a teenager, it’s that plausible deniability is everything.

  10. White lights float in my vision, my brain pounding out the tune of Zeppelin’s Black Dog against my skull, as I begin to retch.

  11. Near the end, he could feel her presence closer than ever.


    Once the first bullet flew over my head, all my faith perished.


    Sweet Valya is dead.

  12. Just when you think you have everything going right in your life, the fist of Satan smacks you in the face so hard with unexpected swagger and sting.

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