Those of you who preordered The Hellsblood Bride (aka Mookie Pearl, book #2) noticed first that the publication date bounced to 2035 before, a few days later, being canceled entirely. The book’s existence and release will be tbd as I undergo a contract dispute with Angry Robot. Blue Blazes now also appears to be no longer for sale, at least in electronic form. (The Miriam Black books are also off-sale, though that’s because those have gone on to Saga S&S. I’ll be talking more about those soon, and I imagine will be showing off the eye-popping new covers.)

I won’t say any more than this, at present.

But, drum roll please — I will shamelessly note that you can check out my new YA Atlanta Burns, releasing on 1/27. (Or, if you are a reviewer, you can go to nab a copy now from NetGalley.) I like to think of it as Winter’s Bone meets Veronica Mars.

Of the book, reviewer Michael Hicks said:

“Temporarily trading in the far-future cornpunk pastures of his Heartland series for the redneck noir of Pennsyltucky, Wendig fully delivers with this terrific thriller. It’s stocked to the gills with white supremacists, dogfighting rings, drugs, murder, and mayhem. It also has plenty of heart in between, and the titular heroine, Atlanta Burns, is wildly worth rooting for.”

So, there you go. Releases after that include:

The re-release of Miriam Black books 1, 2, 3

The Harvest (Heartland 3)


Thunderbird (Miriam Black 4)


Regarding the Mookie Pearl books: more as I know it, when I know it.

Thanks for understanding!

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