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Now Available: 30 Days In The Word Mines


Hey, look.

A new writing book.

All original.

Nothing taken from the blog.

From the book description:

30 Days In The Word Mines takes you on a month-long journey of writing, offering pages filled with practical writing tips, motivational throat-punches, and ruminations on the craft of writing and art of storytelling. Whether you’re running with National Novel Writing Month or just want to hunker down and write to see just how far you can get, this book will help you every step of the way with a new tip, trick or thought every day of the month-long journey. From the mad mind behind terribleminds comes an original companion book to help you navigate the maze of writing every day. Good luck, and art harder.

Wanna check it out? It’s $2.99 at:



Or buy direct from Payhip.

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Or — or! — I’m offering it as part of my Gonzo Big Writing Bundle.

Twenty bucks gets you (now) eight books.

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And that’s the deal.

Hope you check it out — this one’s a bit of an experiment for me, given that it’s a little more focused in terms of content, and again, is not material that originated at the blog. (The exception is the appendix, which features my Big 350 zero-fuckery writing plan.)


*climbs into submarine*

*descends into the ink-sodden sea*