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The Heartland Books Are Kindle Daily Deals Today


Well, Lord and Lady, Jeezum Crow, and King Hell!

Looks like the two Heartland books are on sale today as Kindle Daily Deals!

Both Under the Empyrean Sky and Blightborn are $1.99 today.

(And, for added fun, the Gwennie short, “The Wind Has Teeth Tonight,” is $0.99.)

Just click the links to check ’em out.

(You can also add Whispersync audio for cheap, too.)

I’m proud of these books, and I like to think that they’re a lot of fun (bloodthirsty corn, secret hobos, robot farm equipment, humans turning into plants, sky ships, corn-boats, pirates, arranged marriages for teenagers, talking birds, flying horses, love rhombuses) while also carrying forward important ideas and asking some big questions. I sincerely hope you’ll give ’em a go if you haven’t — and, if you’d be willing to spread the word, well, I’d appreciate that, too. (I’d be more than a little geeked to see this go rocketing up the charts today.)