Last week’s challenge is quite relevant, sooooooo —

Make with the clicky clicky.

Now, I misled you a wee tiny bit, because last week I was all ha ha ha oh you should write the first half of a story. Except now, because I’m a jerk, I’m changing the rules.

The rules are: you’re still going to continue a story from last week’s.

But you’re not going to finish not. Not yet.

You’re going to write the middle 500 words.

So: pick a story written by someone else from last week’s challenge.

Then, add your own 500 words onto it to continue the tale.

Post the entire story so far at your site (~1000 words).

Then, next week a third writer will actually finish the tale.


*crash of thunder*

So: to reiterate?

Pick a story.

Not your own.

Write another 500 words.

Don’t finish it.

Got it?


Continue the story!

Due by next Friday, noon EST.