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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Wendigo Abides

(Direct link to the video here.)

I was challenged yesterday by the inimitable Ben LeRoy (his video and accompanying post here) to either give some money or dump some ice water on my head (and give a smaller amount of money in the process). I figured, fuck it, let’s do both, and because YAY CHARITY I’m also going to give money to fight another disease: prostate cancer.

ALS Ice Bucket challenge and donate button: here.

Prostate cancer charity: here.

In addition, because I am presently a cold, wet jerk (not coincidentally the name of my homemade porn flick), I have issues this challenge to the entire Holy Taco Church, with particular note for members: Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson, and Wesley Chu.

And, if you feel like this is a good time to rant about slacktivisms and how this is bad or something, please remember that this challenge has resulted in a major uptick in donations to fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and is supported by those who suffer from the condition as well as those who have friends and loved ones who suffer.

More to the point, charity is good, and this is not slacktivism because it demands action. Not just changing your Twitter icon or flinging up some hashtag somewhere. Even more to the point: keep your negative thoughts placed firmly inside your cakeholes. OKAY THANK YOU.

Further: if you’re a reader of terribleminds who has done the challenge? Feel free to drop a link to your video in the comments so we can all point and laugh at your soggy, ice-slick bodies.