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Take A Blightborn Book Selfie, Win A Heartland Kindle Paperwhite

I want you to take a book selfie with my new book, Blightborn.


*stares harder*


And, if you do this, you might win one of two visidexes Kindle Paperwhites.

These are special Kindle Paperwhites, though. They are fancy.

Each Kindle will have a custom cover that matches the very lovely Blightborn cover.

Further, each Kindle will come pre-loaded with Under the Empyrean Sky, Blightborn and The Wind Has Teeth Tonight. Three Heartland stories in one.

(You can see the previous photo contest with another book of mine, Blue Blazes, right here.)

Here’s how this works:

You take a photo of yourself with my book, Blightborn.

Physical or digital version of the book is fine. Just make sure the photo captures that (oh-so-lovely) cover.

Cell phone photos are fine, as are photos taken by any other means of photography. DSLR, pinhole camera, a shot from the Hubble Telescope aimed at your face and my book, whatevs. (All photos will be posted to Flickr for easy perusal.)

You send me this photo — use e-mail address terribleminds at gmail dot com, and be sure to apply the subject header: [Blightborn Book Selfie Contest]

This is open to the United States only, at present.

You can enter only once.

This contest runs for two weeks. Entries are due by 11:59PM EST on Sunday, August 24th.

[edited: contest extended by a week, as some folks asked!]

There will be two winners.

I will pick one winner — my favorite!

And the terribleminds readership here will pick their favorite, too.

Both winners will receive the fancy-pantsy Kindle Paperwhites.

And that’s the long and short of it.

Any questions?

Then go nab Blightborn and start snapping some selfies.

Blightborn: Heartland, Book #2