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Post A Sentence, Critique A Sentence

If you’re willing to share a sentence from your WIP (work in progress), then do so. Or, if not your current work, then something else you’ve written and finished (or “finished”). You can share here, below, in the comment section.

If you share a sentence, you should also be willing to critique a sentence written by someone else.

Consider how the sentence reads.

Is it clear?


Muddy and uncertain?


Is there a good rhythm?

Does it go on too long?

Examine the sentence. A sentence — above the word, at least — is the smallest building block of our writing and storytelling, so it behooves us to learn how to write a whip-crack of an example.

What makes the sentence work?

What causes it to fail in its mission?

Post a sentence.

Critique a sentence.


And, as always: be kind, be constructive more than destructive, and remember that any and all critique is largely subjective. (Though certain rules for language may apply.)