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Help Fund My Robot Army (And Other News-Dipped Love-Nuggets)

The Kickstarted anthology of SFF short stories framed as Kickstarter campaigns is out!

HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY is now stomping around, demanding your attention.

It features a passel of amazing authors — Mur Lafferty! Tobias Buckell! Kat Howard! Seanan McGuire! Veronica Belmont! Scott Sigler! Jonathan Howard! So many authors, too many to list (check out the table of contents to see all the wonderful what-the-fuckery going on in this book). Edited by the inimitable John Joseph Adams

Oh, and apparently I’m in the book, too. Who knew?

(Spoiler warning: I totally knew.)

I wrote a story about a woman who wants to become a lioness.

So maybe check that out.

You can find some of the stories free right here.

You can nab the e-book at:


Thanks to JJA for having me in the anthology!

What Else Is Going On?

The Blightborn pre-order to win a Kindle Paperwhite contest is ongoing until the end of the month. The e-book is pre-orderable for $3.99. Details on the contest here!

If you want to request a review copy of Blightbornyou can now do so through Netgalley.

I also just finished writing the third book this week — The Harvest (tentative title). Had a 9k last day, book ended up just shy of 100,000 words. (The first book was around 70k, second book is around 120k, for comparison.) I’m really excited about it, though man, ending a proper trilogy is hard. You wanna cram so much in there but you also don’t want it to read like you’re cramming so much in there. You want to satisfy the story hungers, but you don’t want to force-feed, either.

(Now I move onto finishing Zeroes, and then… well, who knows?)

Blackbirds is still a hair cheaper than usual right now — paperback at $6.89 at Amazon, or $6.90 at B&N. People always ask me what book of mine to start with, since I’ve been fortunate enough to have a handful of books out in a fairly short time — and I always say that they might as well start with Blackbirds, provided they don’t mind reading adult fiction. (If they’re more into YA, then obviously — hey, start with some of my YA stuff, instead.) You can also grab Blackbirds at Powells, through Indiebound.

I have other news I wanna announce soon, but I caaaaaaan’t yet. *vibrates*

Oh! Finally, you’ll find that my Angry Robot editor, Lee Harris — who is now moving onto the digital imagination emporium that is’s new imprint —  said something very nice about me and other authors in the Washington Post:

Pressed to named some of his favorite authors, Harris mentions Chuck Wendig, “one of the most exciting new talents out there”; Kameron Hurley, whose “God’s War” “shows how good a debut novel really can be; and Ramsey Campbell, “the best author working in the horror genre for decades.”

Considering shorter fiction, he praises Joe Hill, Robert Shearman, Catherynne M. Valente, Kij Johnson, Aliette de Bodard, N.K. Jemisin. “And there are so many others,” he says. “It’s a very exciting time to be working in genre.”

Thank you, Lee! And congrats to him for his move.