Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

The Clinic Is Open, The Doctor Is In


*receives note*

Clinic? Not Clinique? Oh. Oh. Like, a, a… writer’s clinic. A story clinic, whatever.

Cool. I’m more of an Avon guy, anyway.

Here’s the drill, word-nerds and story-architects.

You’re writing something? Novel? Short story? Script? Etc? Let’s hear a status update. How’s it going? What problems are you having? Maybe we can all crowdsource some solutions or, at the very least, it’ll give me fodder for a future blog post. (Hey, nobody said I wasn’t at least a tiny bit lazy.) So, talk to me. What are you writing, how’s it going, and what problems are you having? Drop your answers in the comment section below. KAY THANKS BYE.

*takes off in a jetpack to battle psionic moon-bears*