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Wuzza Wither Woozy Book Marketing?


How do you sell books?

Like, how do you spread the word? How do you let people know about the book without being an irritating mote of sand in the elastic of one’s underpants? How do you do it when a book is first out? How do you keep the energy going — stretching out that long tail you hear so much about? We know word-of-mouth works, but how do you orchestrate that?

What, anecdotally, have you done that you thought was successful?

Do you have data that tells you something you’ve done was definitely successful?

Anything you know doesn’t work — besides, of course, being a spam-crusted spam-bot from the spam-flung spampocalypse?

Noodle it. Let’s talk. Indie authors and trad-pub writers alike.

What works, what doesn’t, wuzza wooza who what when where how.