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The Results Of A Kindle Daily Deal

Yesterday, to my surprise, Blackbirds went on sale at B&N and Amazon for $1.99. (That price remains at B&N, by the way, and you might be able to get Amazon to price-match.)

At Amazon, the book was a Kindle Daily Deal.

By the end of the day, the book pushed to a rank of #34 across Kindle books. And it reached #1 in its respective categories (fantasy for kindle, dark fantasy for kindle, dark fantasy across all books). It’s actually still at #1 across those categories, if the page tells it true.

Folks have asked me a couple questions, and I thought I’d answer.

First, on how you get to be a daily deal — first, you slaughter a black unicorn and a white bull on an altar made from druidstone (which forms over time from calcified druid bone), and then you —

Wait, no, that’s not right.

In this case, the publisher — Angry Robot — solicited Amazon.

Though I am told that Amazon sometimes picks books to be Kindle Deals, too. And in this I envision an insane Amazon Robot in its control booth somewhere choosing books based on the sparking, snapping guts of some rock-smashed robot seagull.

Second question: what does this mean in terms of sales?

Well, we have some sales numbers back.

And it looks like the book sold around 3,000 copies on Amazon.

Which is, of course, pretty amazing. Hard not to be happy that 3,000 new readers now have the book. More, actually, now, because while the sale is over the book remains well-ranked and still in the lists (which I believe is one of the primary ways folks search/browse Amazon these days). Plus, looks to be some bump to the two sequels, Mockingbird and The Cormorant.

Anywho! Thanks to Mike and Lee and the other fine folks at Angry Robot. Thanks to Amazon for letting this dark little cantankerous bird of a book a recharge almost two years after the book first released. And thanks most of all to you darling deviants and marvelous miscreants for checking the book out and spreading the word. YOU’RE THE BEST AROUND.

(Oh! You will also find books by other Angry Robot authors for sale, now, too — $1.99 books by Wes Chu, Ramez Naam, Madeline Ashby, Anne Lyle, and more. Go get ’em.)