The Bewildering Labyrinth That Is Healthcare-dot-gov

Healthcare-dot-gov, as we all know, is something of a clusterfuck.

I applied very early, within the first week, and my identity verification took until about two weeks ago. And then, promptly thereafter, the website wouldn’t let me log on anymore — though that has been fixed again, and now I can log on.

But I see no next steps. Like, everything just says IN PROGRESS, with no “Click Here For Plans!” magic button. I called the number (it should be noted that every phone conversation has been immediately connected and very helpful with excellent customer service) and they told me they will now review my application and physically mail me paperwork so that I can apply — she swore this would happen before the deadline of December 23rd (which is what would be necessary to get me onto a plan by Jan 1st in order to stop paying the monthly chest of gold and blood to COBRA).

Anyone else have experience here? This accurate to your experience? I was made to understand the whole thing might be online, though perhaps this represents a shift in how they’re mitigating tech fails is by ushering some of the burden to physical paperwork.

(For the record, this blog post is not an excuse to get into the OBAMACARE SUCKS or YAY ACA discussion. I’m looking for practical information based on some kind of evidence here. Thanks!)