Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Deals And Savings And Other Wretched Capitalist Vocabularies

Some quick notes:

First, today’s the last day to nab the NaNoWriMo bundle for $10.

Today is also SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, which sounds like a glorious excuse to go to your local indie bookstore and procure for yourself and your friends and your family and your foes and your pets one or several books. Perhaps even mine!

That said, if you cannot make it to a wonderfully wondrous indie bookstore on this day, I will make note that Amazon is running a 30% off of their books with the coupon BOOKDEAL, and B&N has the same with code BNFRIDAY30.

You will also note that the paperback version The Cormorant — aka the new Miriam Black book, which arrives in December — has been discounted on Amazon to $5.05, for reasons yet unknown. (It’s cheaper than the Kindle version, so.) If savings are your jam, Amazon has your bread.

Also, yesterday’s impromptu #TalesFromBlackFriday hashtag made some hay of the crazy day by turning it into absurdist dystopian horror — it started early and then by the end of the day had over 1000 tweets. I’m quite seriously considering editing a charity anthology for next year’s Black Friday. You can find a Storify compilation of many of yesterday’s madness. It was fun.

Finally, if you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas, I’d love a pony. A pony with whiskey in its many saddlebags. But, failing that, I’d love it if you reviewed one of my books at your Review Receptacle of Choice. Reviews are not only nice to have from an ego-standpoint (HEY PEOPLE READ MY BOOK WHEE) but also because they matter for the author in terms of the industry (as in, various entities within the publishing industry will look at reviews on books as being something at least slightly meaningful) — so, reviews (er, good reviews) help us keep doing what we do.