Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Opening Line Challenge

Last week’s challenge: “1667.”

Once again, time to write just the opening line to a new story.

No more than 15 words long.

Plop your opening line in the comment section below. Only one entry, please.

Then, the following week, it will be the task of other writers to pick one opening line that they will use in a new piece of flash fiction.

If you write the line that is most chosen by other authors, I’ll send you a signed physical copy of my new writing book, The Kick-Ass Writer. I’m not doing the picking, so your goal is to write a line that excites other writers enough for them to write a story using that opening line.

Tricky? Could be.

So, get to writing.

You’ve got one week — due by Friday, November 15th, noon EST.

(I’ll send the physical book and pay for shipping if you’re in the United States. Outside the country, you’ll have to front the shipping, I’m afraid, or be okay with an e-book copy.)

300 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Opening Line Challenge”

  1. I was sitting in the hot tub with the morning’s paper and the bottle of cyanide when they walked into the bathroom and informed me that my brother was dead.

    • Um…about Mrs. Baker and those stairs. During the twenty-plus years I’ve used a wheelchair for mobility, I’ve never “taken the stairs.” So if there’s a way, I’d love to know what it is,

      • So there’s a story in that opening, then. One that would tell you “what it is.” (I’m thinking it might have been involuntary, for example.)

      • I have a friend who was stuck in a wheelchair during his later teen years, and often tells the story of hopping down the stairs to escape the hospital for a night with his friends. So.. it’s possible. At least by high-risk-taking teens…

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