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Dystopian Cornpunk Agpocalypse For $1.99

My YA novel, Under the Empyrean Sky, is $1.99 today for your Kindle.

It features an oppressive wealthy government lording over the hard-working commonfolk of the farflung corn-choked Heartland and the teenagers who go on an adventure to fight back against the Sky Bastards who tell them who to marry, where to work, and how to live their lives in the dirt and misery of a failing world.

It’s got: hobos, piss-blizzards, teenagers drinking whiskey, robots, humans growing plant appendages, secret gardens, smoking, sex, hover-boats, slingshots, bloodthirsty corn, and more.

Why is it $1.99 today?

Not sure! Let’s call it a “Government Shutdown Hey Look It’s The Dystopia” special.

Either way, I’m working on the sequel (editing) right now: Blightborn.

Hope you check this out and diggit. If you ever wanted a good way to support this blog or my work as a writer, tossing two bucks into the coffers and checking out this book isn’t the worst way. (Or, at the very least: tell folks about it!) Thanks, and please to enjoy.