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Fireside Is Back (And You Can Find Me With It)

Fireside Magazine, the brain-child of editor Brian White (or is it the Brian Child of Brain White? He’s the editor, ask him), has returned!

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Fireside is back for a whole year’s worth of stories with a brand new website, logo, and tagline (Many genres. No limits. Just good stories.).

You can subscribe to the next 12 months of fiction, or you can buy individual issues.

The first issue of the year is up.

It features stories by Delilah Dawson, R. M. Kehrli, and Krystal Claxton.

Oh, and it features a little something-something by me, too.

See, I have a serialized story that will run for the next 12 months.

That story, “The Forever Endeavor,” is about a man who finds a very special box with a very special button that does a — well, obviously, a very special thing.

It’s a bit of a departure for me in the way I’m writing this one — while I have a sense of the overall story, I’m outlining and planning only as far as I am writing into each increment. I try not to plan too much beyond an individual chapter so as to maximize the cliffhangery weirdness that will go in inside this tale. And I’ve never written something serialized before, so this is exciting stuff. (This is actually a story that’s been pinballing around my head for about 18 years.)

Part One is up.

Go check it out by subscribing to this great magazine — a magazine that embraces great storytelling across a wide variety of genres and that pays its writers and artists well above the average.

(The awesome banner at the top is from Galen Dara’s art for part one of “Forever Endeavor.”)