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Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything

To celebrate the release of Under the Empyrean Sky, I’m gonna just leave this post here today for you to ask me anything you want. Ask me about the book. About young adult fiction. About my other books or my future books or whiskey preferences or toddler-wrangling techniques.


Anything at all.

I’ll swing by here around noon EST and answer the first volley.

Then I’ll pop by come evening and answer more.


Further! I’ll toss some swag and free books and such to my favorite five questions.

What kind of swag? Hell, I dunno. FREE STUFF. Mmmm. Free.

I am very excited and also very nervous about this book release (I got seven other books out now with publishers and each time I still get that “I might vomit up a cloud of nervous moths at any moment” feeling on release day). I am maybe a leetle teeny weeny bit more nervous this time because this book was a riskier story for me. It’s young adult, more worldbuildy, more sci-fi-flavored, and so forth. Plus it’s got stuff about sons and fathers, about food and agriculture and my memories of farm-life. It tries to be exciting and yet say something at the same time — yet also say something without being preachy about it and aaaaaaah *head asplodes*

What I’m saying is:

It was a tricky book to write and I hope it paid off.

And so, my plea: I only get to keep doing this if you tell folks and those folks maybe check out the book? I live and die by the grace of goodly readers such as yourselves — and, more to the point, this website lives or dies in much the same way. My writing helps fund this website (and monthly costs are no longer cheap, sadly), and so it’s folks buying my books and talking about those books that keeps this whole set of plates spinning.

So, again:

Check out the book.

Tell folks.

If you’re so inclined to leave a review somewhere: yay.

I appreciate it.

This website appreciates it.

My two-year-old appreciates it.

High-five to each and every one of you.

Now ask me some questions, willya?