Flash Fiction Challenge: The Plot Scenario Generator

Last week’s challenge: Last Lines First.

This random plot scenario generator cracks me up.

And it also comes up with some pretty good narrative seedlings, to my surprise.

So! This week, we’re using it.

Go click the link.

Conjure a random plot scenario.

Use said plot scenario as the basis for your flash fiction challenge this week. You have, as always, up to 1000 words. Post on your space, link back here. Due by Friday, July 26th. (And as a note: please do not post entire stories in the comment sections. I delete those.)

Now click, think, and write.

106 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Plot Scenario Generator”

  1. That’s pretty fun, but I’m still a big fan of the FIG. It lives on my phone.


    I like this one because not only can I access it easily anywhere, but it has a number of different types of prompts. For some reason the one- or two-sentence standard prompts aren’t very inspiring to me, but the “Random Plot” on here has already spawned a couple of really great stories for me.

    One thing I’m not a fan of at the moment: you can’t save the coolest prompts as “favorites.” So you want to remember to write down one you like when it comes up if you’re not prepared to write about it right then and there.

  2. I landed: The story begins when your Protagonist opens someone else’s mail. Another character is a Thief who bites his/ her nails.

    I’ll be back to post whatever happens from this randomness. Mwahaha.

    • I don’t think last week was a prizes-challenge, just one of the usual general ‘here’s a challenge, feel free to participate’ challenges. No less enjoyable just because prizes weren’t involved, though!

      • Was a total blast to be a part of it. I just remember reading one though and thinking “THIS one is RIGHT up Sir Wendig’s street!” and would have loved to have seen it win a contest. Although, having not been around here for a while, the author has probably already won one of Chucky’s Challenges. I learnt a LOT just from reading the submissions and feedback of others in this one challenge and can only thank everyone for helping me see where I’m going wrong (and occasionally going right!). Y’all rock.

  3. The story starts when your protagonist walks in on the wrong meeting at work.

    Another character is an incredibly attractive person who has been reading your protagonist’s e-mail.


  4. A protagonist who wants revenge? An executive who has been following my protagonist around for years? Hmmmm…. sounds interesting… very interesting… 😀 I’ll be back! 😉

  5. […] week for the Flash Challenge, we each got to use the Random Plot Generator!  Thanks to Chuck Wendig at TerribleMinds, I received:  The story begins when your Protagonist opens someone else’s mail.  Another […]

  6. […] Chuck Wendig’s “Terrible Minds” blog, and got the flash fiction prompt for his weekly writing challenge – using a random plot scenario generator to get a seed for an idea. Once I found one I liked, […]

  7. Challenge accepted!

    The seed was “The story starts when your protagonist is told s/he must get married immediately. Another character is an alchemist who just got out of prison.”

    1000ish words, channeled my not-so-inner Dashiell Hammett. I’d originally planned my alchemist to be a meth dealer, but wound up in 20’s New York instead.

    Unfortunately, Harry never made it out of prison, so I totally disregarded that part of the seed. Eat that, randomness.

    The Girl With The Jade Rock:

  8. Hmm it seems my first attempt to comment didn’t make it through, so I’ll give it another go. If by some miracle it is lurking in the shadows, please bear with the double post.

    I got: The story starts when your protagonist kisses a stranger. Another character is a thief who make your protagonist a scapegoat.

    The story is a little over target (1200 words) and is called A Night at the Disco.


  9. I’m skipping this week. Got too many other projects going on and I didn’t like my plot scenarios and I’m too drunk or not drunk enough and the sun’s in my eyes. Anyhow, I realized that all three of my flash fiction entries so far were heavily influenced by death and I’m wondering if maybe I should lighten up just a little…

  10. The electronic muse said unto me: “The story starts when your protagonist misses her train. Another character is a tailor who is your protagonist’s biggest competition.”

    Here’s “Guardian Angel”, I hope you enjoy it! http://wp.me/p3tdUw-cY

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