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Flash Fiction Challenge: Last Lines First

Last week’s challenge: “The Last Line Of A Story

Holy crap, people. Over three-hundred entries in last week’s challenge.

This is going to be a hard one.

Some of you are out of the running — if you enter multiple times, I mostly discount your entries because you put me into a kind of choice paralysis. Plus, you get lots of the dead bodies, bullets, revenge variety — some of this stuff starts to feel very samey-samey. (Oh, and more than a few of you have a very liberal interpretation of a “last line” of a story.)

That being said, still, so many good options.

So, this is the five I’ve picked:

m3nace: “If it wasn’t for the inflation the devil could have bribed them.”

Lani Gerbi: “And then, being mindful not to spill my tea, I eased into the tartan embrace of Endolyn Muirden’s least offensive armchair, and settled back to watch him die.”

Ben Dodge: “The old man lying in the hold died three minutes later.”

Marlanesque: “She closed the book and watched as it turned to dust.”

Ryan Viergutz: “Cristobal climbed the ladder of arteries to the first universe that looked like it held more wonders and mysteries than the last.”

Squishy: “That plan didn’t fly, superhero, and now we’re short a bazooka.”

Josh Roby: “Once upon a time, there was a story so short, it was only a single line.”

lverawrites: “Life was easier before killing all the rabbits.”

David: “They never did find the orangutan.”

Damien Kelly: “Truth be told, I’m not sure any of them are actually dead.”

You’ll note that I’ve chosen ten there.

If you’re one of the lines picked, email me at: terribleminds at gmail dot com.

You will receive some manner of digital goodies.

NOW, for this week’s challenge —

You think it’s going to be, “Pick one of these last lines and using it as a last line in your story.”



I want you to pick one of these last lines and use it as the first opening line in your story.

You’ve got up to 1000 words.

Write your tale. Post at your online space. Link back here.

Due by next Friday. July 19th. Noon EST.