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The Twelfth Secret Object

Did you know that Emma Newman’s Any Other Name is out?


And it’s a lovely book by a lovely author.

In fact, I was recently on said lovely author’s podcast — TEA AND JEOPARDY — where I discussed tea and books and the Devil and barely escaped her sinister volcanic lair.

No, really.


She has prepared a series of “secret objects” you are tasked with finding within the pages of her book, and here at terribleminds you will find this link to the twelfth object.

Any Other Name is the second novel in the Split Worlds series, following on directly after the events in Between Two Thorns. Cathy is secretly seeking a way out of Nether Society by helping Max and the gargoyle to investigate the murders in the Bath Chapter. When she learns more about the mysterious Agency which oils the wheels of life in the Nether it becomes clear that the privileged few are enjoying their existence at a price far higher than they realized. It’s time to change Nether society, but with assassins, Fae lords and revengeful fallen Rosas to deal with, can Cathy survive long enough to make a difference?

Signed copies will be available from Toppings Books, Bath and Forbidden Planet.

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