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Flash Fiction Challenge: Must Contain Psychic Powers

Last week’s challenge: “The Random Fantasy Character.

Right now I’m neck-deep in the next Miriam Black book, which of course features the aforementioned Miriam: a psychic girl who can see how and when someone is going to die just by touching that person. She’s angry and vulgar and dangerously proactive and — well, she’s a lot of fun to write.

Psychic powers are a hoot, really.

Hers is pretty subtle — lots of psychological horror.

It’s not like she’s setting people on fire with her mind.

But maybe you want to write about that.

So, here’s how this works. I’m going to list 20 psychic powers at the bottom of this post. Feel free to roll a d20 to pick a random one or just grab the one you think it most awesome (though let’s be honest: random is more fun). If you need to know what it is: well, Google is your best friend. And your prom date.

Your story must include one — and only one — of the psychic powers mentioned.

You have  one week, as always. Due by May 31st, noon EST.

Write ~1000 words.

Post on your online space.

Link back here.


And now, the list of psychic powers:

  1. Clairvoyance
  2. Pyromancy
  3. Cryomancy
  4. Telepathy
  5. Psychometry
  6. Faith or Psychic Healing
  7. Precognition
  8. Telekinesis
  9. Mediumship
  10. Levitation
  11. Astral Projection
  12. Bilocation
  13. Teleportation
  14. Aura Reading
  15. Divination
  16. Retrocognition
  17. Past-Life Regression
  18. Mind Control
  19. Dream Control
  20. Psychic Empathy (aka an Empath)