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Press Release: “Wendig Held Hostage By Angry Robots; Beard At 11.”


Angry Robot has signed me on for another couple books.

That makes *does some quick math that takes two hours* six books with them.

Which is a lot of books.

I mean, I went from being not a novelist in 2010, then to having my first book published in 2011 and then… well, by the end of 2015 I should have 16 novels out in the world. I clearly have some sort of brain parasite. But it’s a fun parasite! I’m a fan!


One of these two books is definitely the follow-up to The Blue Blazes, tentatively titled Bloody Bride. Back down in the darkest Underworld beneath Manhattan with Mookie Pearl and his troublesome daughter, Nora.

The second is book is — well, we’re not sure yet. Consider it a “placeholder” for either the next Mookie Pearl or Miriam Black book.

As always, thanks to the fine cranky cyborgs at Angry Robot for having me. And thanks to my agent, Stacia Decker, who continues to spin publishing magic out of whatever nonsense words come out of my fool head. (Seriously, if you ever want to know why a great agent is a writer’s best friend, buy me a drink sometime and I’ll regale you with Tales of Team Decker.)

Oh, and since we’re talking a little bit about The Blue Blazes

Time for another preview:

“Cerulean. The bright blue mineral vein shot through the prehistoric schist of the Great Below. Equal parts pigment and drug. It goes by many names: Peacock Powder, Truth Talc, the Straight Dope, Blue Jay (or just Jay), Bluebird or Blue Butterfly or BB, Blue Mascara, Cobalt, Azure… But many just call it and the effects it engenders ‘The Blue Blazes.’ Users smudge some of the blue powder ont he temples to bring on effects that include: preternatural strength, preternatural toughness, as well as a wiping away of the illusions that keep mortal men from seeing the truth of the denizens of the Underworld. In first-time users the Blue Blazes create an adrenalin rush and an eerie, powerful focus… a high that peaks with initial use and is never again matched. Blazeheads are said in this way to ‘chase the blue’ or ‘hunt the peacock.’ Many never know that the visions they sometimes see are true — they believe them to be by-products of the drug, hallucinations that accompany the feelings of invulnerability and clarity. As a drug it is quite rare and fetches a high price among those who know of its existence. The Organization controls Cerulean. Or, at least they think they do.”

The Blue Blazes

Coming May 27th, 2013.





(text by Chuck Wendig)