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Flash Fiction Challenge: Smashing Sub-Genres

Last week’s challenge: “Five Random Sentences

Below is a list of 20 subgenres.

I want you to roll a d20 twice — or click a random number generator twice between 1 and 20 — and that will give you two subgenres. (Sure, you can choose them instead, but that means YOU HATE FUN.)

Smash those two subgenres into one story.

Write that story. Around 1000 words. Post at your online space. Link back here through the comments. Due by next Friday, May 17th, at noon EST.

Here’s the list of subgenres.

  1. Men’s Adventure
  2. Splatterpunk
  3. Fairy Tale
  4. New Weird
  5. Space Opera
  6. Southern Gothic
  7. BDSM Erotica
  8. Superhero
  9. Sword & Sorcery
  10. Noir
  11. Dystopia
  12. Sci-Fi Humor or Satire
  13. Lovecraftian
  14. Haunted House
  15. Cyberpunk
  16. Steampunk
  17. Detective
  18. Post-Apocalyptic
  19. Weird West
  20. Technothriller