Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

In Which I Make New Wallpapers, Maybe

Once in a while I like to fuck around with Photoshop to keep my Mad Graphixx Skillz mos fresh, which is to say I have middling skills and don’t want them to descend back into a primitive state, and one of the ways I do this is by grabbing quotes or thoughts from This Very Blog and turning them into wallpapers or what-not for your share-around or desktop-image purposes.

Like, say, the one above.

I’m also planning on maybe another round of merch to sell, since some folks really seem to dig the coffee mugs and t-shirts so far. And so I come to you.

If you have any quotes or notions you’ve found here at the site and you’d like to see them done up in this kind of format, drop them into the comments below. I might pick a few and give them this treatment. (Alternately, I may fall asleep covered in Nutella and pornography.)

Or, if you’re a capable graphics person and want to do similar wallpapery things, please do so with my blessing. I trust in your infinite graphic design wisdom.

Thanks, folks!