Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Where Where Will You Go?

I’m traveling, at present, lost in the Mangrove wilds of the Florida Keys, my shirt stinking of rum, a cormorant dogging my every step, a new (and stung) tattoo of an anchor on my left ass-cheek.

I’m here doing research for the next Miriam Black book, and this is my first official “research” trip. (It’s done wonders. It’s very hard to write about a place without ever having been there. Particularly if the book is set in just such a location — you can maybe get away with a scene or a chapter or two, but 3/4 of a book? Not easy, at least, not for me.)

So, it seems apropos that today’s question should focus on travel.

But, in particular, writerly travel.

Let’s say you can go anywhere in the world, but it’s for your writing. Whether to serve as inspiration or as research.

Where would you go, and why?