Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Romance Me, Baby

I don’t read romance. Nor do I read erotica.

I should, though.

You read the work of, say, Delilah Dawson?

Or Karina Cooper?

Or Tiffany Reisz?

They’re damn fine writers.

And they’re writing damn fine books.

Books that are, by genre taxonomy, romance or erotica.

See, it’s starting to occur to me that in a lot of ways even books that are “one genre” should really have labels where the genre components are broken out like ingredients. Horror is a genre. So is mystery. And yet, so many books contain both horror and mystery in some percentage. Further, some books contain romance and erotica (love and sex, baby) in some percentage. These aren’t mere categorizations; these are storytelling components.

Anyway. So.

I’m writing the second book in my YA trilogy.

And it has a lot more romance than the first book.

It even has some sexytimes.

So, I want to read more romance. And erotica.

And you’re going to tell me what to read.

Make recommendations. Excellent writing. Good story. Romance and/or erotica.

Make with the books. *slaps own ass then feels embarrassed about it*